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The Brotherhood of Hope

On July 14th, college students at Florida State University (FSU) were able to experience something most unusual and unique: the profession of perpetual vows by Brother Clinton Reed, BH. About 400 college students were in attendance at the Co-Cathedral in Tallahassee, Florida,  as Bro. Clinton gave his whole life over to Jesus.

“I was overwhelmed,” said one FSU junior. “It was such a beautiful image of sacrifice to see this man literally lay down his whole self before the altar.” Bishop Gregory Parkes, himself an FSU alumnus, presided at the ceremony and urged Bro. Clinton to preserve “an undivided heart.”  During the ceremony, Bro Clinton was presented with a broad sword, signifying “the Sword of the Spirit” that is, the Word of God.

The Brotherhood of Hope, an IRL Affiliate Community, began in 1980 as new form of fraternal common life for lay brothers. Their first  apostolic work was in campus ministry at Rutgers University. Today, they also have a presence at FSU, Northeastern University and Boston College in addition to conducting retreats and mission trips. Their motto is Primum Deus, Deus Solum – God First, God Alone.

In the Brotherhood we are a band of Brothers, closer than any other organization of men – whether military platoon or social club – by virtue of our consecration in Christ.

The Boston HUB

Last year, Sean Cardinal O’Malley asked the Brotherhood of Hope to minister to students in 12 institutes of higher education within a 5 mile radius in Boston’s Back Bay. With a total of 60,000 students, the brothers have their hands full. The name of the program is Hub – Hope for Undergraduates in Boston.

The Brotherhood of Hope, an IRL Affiliate founded in 1980, began serving Rutgers University in 1985. As evangelists, their consecration of God First, God Alone,  fuels their passion for the New Evangelization, primarily to college students at secular universities. Reaching out to inactive and uncommitted Catholics, they encourage conversion to Christ and His Church. Their hope is that their students will transmit this conversion-and-outreach passion into their vocation, family life, parish, and work environments. One student said after attending a retreat that “my faith became the priority over everything else.”

The Brothers describe themselves as spiritual marines, taking their “place at the frontlines of the Church. We seek to hold a place in the wall where it is weakest.” God bless them and all the students who seek to find their true vocation in life.