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Finding God in Housework?

I recently came across an engaging article at Catholic Lane entitled “Finding God in the Housework.” The article brings to life the point that everything we do in the course of the day, even the most menial or insignificant in the world’s eyes, can be packed with meaning so long as we strive to offer it with a loving heart to Jesus.

A vocation is not simply about wearing a collar, a habit, or a wedding ring. Rather, it’s about seeking and following Our Lord, even while doing the dishes. The saints understood this very well. What matters is what’s important in Jesus’ eyes–something even the wise and learned miss can miss if they’re not careful!

Right Here, Right Now

I spent a couple wonderful years with a religious community in the 1980s as I was discerning a possible vocation to the priesthood and religious life. One day, they brought in a well-known retreat master to give the two dozen or so seminarians a day of recollection.

The first words of the priest to begin the day of recollection really startled me. He bluntly said, “None of you are called to the priesthood.” I looked around the room at all the postulants and said to myself, “Boy, Father Tom (the community’s vocation director) sures knows how to pick ‘em!”

The priest then explained that our vocation is “now,” that we must respond wholeheartedly to the Lord right here, right now by being holy seminarians. In five or six years, God willing, the bishop will lay hands on some of us, and then–and only then–would we truly be called to the priesthood.

As it turned out, I wasn’t one of the men called to become a priest. Yet, this important lesson has always stayed with me as a lay Catholic.

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