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More Changes for Regnum Christi

Catholic News Agency reports that Cardinal Velasio De Paolis, the Pontifical Delegate to the Legion of Christ (Legionaries), in a letter published Oct. 17th, provided the results of an investigation into the life of consecrated lay people in Regnum Christi–the lay branch of the Legionaries–which calls for further reform of the troubled community.

A consecrated lay person is somebody who, while not in holy orders, has committed to a life of apostolic poverty, chastity and obedience.

Cardinal De Paolis said that the archbishop’s review had found that “at a personal level the consecrated members are grateful for their vocation” and live it “according to the evangelical counsels with joy,” rendering “a valuable service to the Church with their self-giving.”

However, he also said there “issues regarding personal and community life” in Regnum Christi that are “many and challenging.”

An Associated Press story last week went into greater detail on this latest turn of events, characterizing the Legion’s treatment of its consecrated lay members as “abusive” and “cult-like.”

Cardinal De Paolis’ report indicated that the ongoing reforms of the community must include a greater autonomy for the members, including the right under canon law to choose their own confessor and spiritual director.