The Unconsecrated Single Life

Catholic author Emily Stimpson published companion articles at OSV Newsweekly last week on the single life. The first one is entitled “Being single in the universal Church,” while the second one is entitled, “Is the unconsecrated single life a vocation?

These thoughtful pieces explore the growing phenomenon of single Catholics. Is there such a thing as a “vocation” to the single life? Is it necessarily a mere “transitional” phase before marriage, priesthood, or consecrated life? And how effective is the Church in reaching out to single Catholics?

These questions are not as easy as one may think at first blush, and Stimpson does an excellent job of setting forth legitimate Catholic perspectives on the subject. Do our readers have any insights on this subject to share?

One thought on “The Unconsecrated Single Life”

  1. Well, I’m starting again…sigh…it’s what happens when you’re online outside the house….

    I read both articles, and I sent a rather blistering email to the National Catholic Singles Conference.

    I’m a single Catholic woman, 56 years old, nearly 57, and I have the distinct feeling that I will remain single for whatever length of days I have left here on earth.

    I never wanted to be married because I never cared for sex and didn’t really want to have kids. I’m unable to be in religious life because I’m considered to be TOO OLD for the few ‘good’ Orders out there-they won’t even look at anyone past 35 for the most part.

    I have the feeling that the Church really has no clue about the sufferings and struggles of Catholics who are single, especially those of us who are over 35 years of age. Most things in the Catholic media, and in parish life, are geared to families-married people with kids.

    Not all Catholic singles are blessed with ‘organizational abilities’ or are ‘leader wanna-bes’. I get more than a little sick and tired of hearing all the prattling about ‘using your gifts and talents’. Well, what if one doesn’t HAVE ANY GIFTS AND TALENTS? I can’t get my head around documents like Theology of the Body-that’s for married people because it mentions so much about ‘nuptial things’.

    Sorry if I sound cynical and/or embittered-but heck, that’s the way things seem to be for me right now. Singlehood really ‘stinks’ at times….

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