Crossing the Tiber

On the PBS website, there is an article and video about Episcopalians who are converting to the Catholic Church. The PBS correspondent went to Bladensburg, MD, where the first Episcopal Church in the country was received into the Church, able to retain their ancient traditions and the Book of Common Prayer.

Fr. Mark Lewis says: “We came to the point where we realized the theology of the Episcopal Church is what was lacking. The theology of Rome, the authority of Rome, the unity in the Holy See and in the bishops: that was appealing to  us.” One of the members of the congregations said, “It is going home. It really is, and it feels good. Everyone’s been so very helpful, and I’m at peace. I’m at peace.”

The 2009 Nov/Dec issue of Religious Life magazine highlighted ten sisters from the Society of All Saints’ Sisters of the Poor in Catonsville, MD, who after 7 years of prayer and discernment were received into the Church, attracted by the orthodoxy and unity found in the Catholic Church. Their chaplain was also received into full communion. “Time and again, apostles and saints have been led by God into unexpected paths; so too with us—the All Saints’ Sisters of the Poor,” Reverend Mother Christina, Mother Superior, said. “As they responded with faith and trust, we also are responding to God’s call, and are looking forward to seeing His will for us unfold as we enter the Roman Catholic Church.”

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