How Altar Breads Are Made

The Passionists in Erlanger, Kentucky, make altar breads as a means to support their apostolate of intercessory prayer for the congregations of Passionsists, for the Church and for the world.  When a 2nd grade class made a visit to the monastery ahead of their first Communion, they wanted to  know all about the process altar bread-making. Because the nuns are cloistered, the children were not allowed into the work area so this video was made to open a door into this very prayerful manufacturing “facility.”

The video is a useful educational tool for a first communion class but very interesting for adults as well. The sisters pray for all the recipients of the hosts, that the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ that they receive may truly bring them more in likeness to our Savior.

By the way, their diocese is celebrating a Year of Women Religious and the Passionist Nuns will be hosting an open house on Sunday, October 14, 2012, from 1:00 to 4:30. They will be available in their parlor to greet visitors and to  answer any questions.

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