I Meet Him Every Day

Sr. Mary Mercedes, PVMI, of the Parish Visitors of Mary Immaculate tells a beautiful story in this month’s The Parish Visitor about meeting Christ (She says she meets Him every day in His children, old and young) in an elderly man she saw hobbling down the street. From his shabby clothes and thin face, she could see that he had not had a good meal in a long time. She came to find out that he had been evicted from his apartment and was sleeping in a hallway where a kind neighbor gave him a little food.

The man was not Catholic but when asked if he would like to live with the Little Sisters of the Poor, he said, “I’d be glad to go and live with them!” That very day, they went to the Little Sisters who fussed over him, gave him a warm coat and hat and invited him to their home. He went back to collect his meager belongings but said to Sr. Mary Mercedes, “You know I still have my pride. I never lost it.”

A year later, Sister Mary Mercedes visited the Little Sisters and was told that the man was still with them, was happy and was going to daily Mass.

What wonderful ministries these 2 communities have. One seeks out the lost and forsaken and the other gives them a home.


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