The Best Version of Yourself

The IRL is please to have Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa as our President and in the latest issue of the National Catholic Register, they are highlighting a community that he canonically established in his diocese: the Marian Sisters of Santa Rosa.

The sisters describe themselves as Ecclesial, Eucharistic and Marian. They celebrate the sacred liturgy in both the Extraordinary and Ordinary form. The sister’s mission is intercessory prayer and the communication of the truth, beauty and goodness of the Catholic faith. They teach CCD, RCIA, and Confirmation classes and work in the Chancery office amongst other things.

Mother Teresa Christe was originally part of a traditionalist community but the example and inspiration of Pope John Paul II, Pope Benedict XVI and Bishop (William ) Skylstad of Spokane drew her and 14 others into full communion with the Church. They wear a habit as a visible sign and witness of their consecration to Jesus. It is blue and white to symbolize Mary’s role in the mystery of salvation.

Because the sisters are growing and needed more space, they are now residing in the former bishop’s residence, renamed  Regina Pacis Convent. They are now welcoming potential candidates (and there is a lot of interest!) called to their way of life to “come-and-see” weekends.

Regarding her vocation, Mother says, “I thought it would entail sacrifice and be unhappy. What surprised me was happiness. If you follow your vocation, you will be the best version of yourself.”

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