Altar Server 101

The Archdiocese of Washington has posted an altar server tutorial/video on their website which is must-see viewing for any prospective altar server. I am always happy when the altar servers in our parish are invisible to me because this means they are aware of and doing their jobs without any paralysis or confusion. This video, however, says the altar servers should be doing and can be doing much more. Their demeanor, their clothes, their actions should all point to the reality taking place, namely “that what takes place on the altar is the making present of the most important moment in all of human history.”

As one of the comments pointed out, the actions and dress of the altar servers should also be a reflection of the attire and aspirations of the people in the congregation, a supreme awareness of the “Presence of God.” Remember when people dressed up for Mass? Like they were going to a wedding? The wedding feast of the Lamb.

The video makes the important point that young boys like dressing up like the priests do. The altar boy, rightly formed and trained, is having implanted in his heart a love for the priesthood and the nurturing of a possible vocation.


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