The Sisterhood Premiere – Nov 25th on Lifetime

The discerners
The discerners

“The Sisterhood,” a new Lifetime series premiering on Tuesday, November 25, at 10pm ET/PT, follows the discernment journey of five young women. The series features three IRL Affiliate communities: the Daughters of St. Mary of Providence, the Sisters of St. Joseph the Worker, and the Carmelites for the Aged & Infirm.

From what we have heard, the filming of the series had a profound impact, not only on the young women on their vocation journey, but also on the crew who were involved in the production. This is a real live example of religious communities casting out into the deep to reach a whole new audience via cable TV.

The five discerners are Christie from California who performs in a country music band, Claire a homeschooler from Joliet, Eseni a former beauty queen from the Bronx, Francesca a recent college graduate from New Jersey, and Stacey from New York who performs in musical theater.

Lifetime told us, “We have sent out special sneak peeks to select members of the Catholic community and our network has already received wonderful feedback from sisters from around the country, religious reporters, and Catholic supporters. We would love your help spreading the word about this series in hopes of bringing much needed attention to the gracious nuns, sisters and church leaders that are so actively involved in changing the lives of young women who are on the sacred path of pursuing a consecrated life.”

So spread the word and please watch! It would be wonderful if a young woman watching the series could be moved to pursue a religious vocation. And the higher the audience ratings, the more that the cable networks will be inclined to pursue inspiring Catholic topics with the cooperation and assistance of religious communities. All should hopefully come away blessed by the encounter.

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3 thoughts on “The Sisterhood Premiere – Nov 25th on Lifetime”

  1. Hello Sisters!
    Thank you for spreading the word! I am one of the discerning girls in the show, and I am proud to say that it was an authentic experience, and a wonderful journey that I think will affect our culture in a much-needed positive way. I think I experienced about 6 years of growth in 6 weeks- it was a very grace-filled experience and everyone on the team was drawn closer to God 🙂 I will read your reviews and look forward to dialoguing with you further! If you have Twitter my handle is StackeyJaxx. I also have a facebook page where I’ll be posting daily news about press, inspiration, and other show news. God bless you!!

    1. Stacey, we can’t wait to see the show. We have heard from one of the sisters that it was a tremendous experience for her as well. Open wide the doors to Christ and beautiful things happen! Keep in touch!

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