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The Sacred Heart of Jesus Brings a Son Home

In a publication issued by the Association of Hebrew Catholics called fittingly enough The Hebrew Catholic there is a beautiful story about the conversion of a Jewish man named Jean-Rodolphe Kars.

Jean-Rodolphe was born in India in 1947 where his Jewish parents had taken refuge because of Nazi persecution. Raised in France by his parents who were non-practicing Jews, he became an international concert pianist, an environment he described as very narcissistic. There was a contempt for the Church and a resentment against the shackles  which the Church put on “freedom.”

When he faced a personal crisis, he was directed to a prominent member of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal who radiated love, humility and faith, and who seemed to Jean-Rodolphe to have the faith of an early Christian. That night, he experienced the frightening sensation of evil. When he begged God to intervene, the anxiety went away and was replaced by the gentle presence of the Lord.

He was received into the Church at the Basilica of Sacré-Coeur on Montmartre in Paris in 1977. He was ordained a priest in 1986 at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart at Paray-le-Monial in France where St. Margaret Mary received the visions of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Sacre-Coeur, Paris

Before Jean-Rodolphe’s conversion he had left the jacket cover of a new Debussy recording to the whims of the publishers. When it came out, he was disappointed, because the piece of music called ‘The Engulfed Cathedral’ was illustrated with the Sacred Heart Basilica and an overprint of a photo of the sea. He forgot about it until shortly before his conversion. “I looked at the sleeve and at that instant I was staggered: I saw Sacred Heart Basilica where I was going to be baptized in a few months…The sea and the Basilica were emerging out of water. Water is the symbol of Baptism and, and the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is a symbol of the Church and of a new life.” He felt the Lord was telling him that even though Jean-Rodolphe had been distant, the Lord keeps His eyes on us and awaits the slightest movement of the heart to rush in.

Since 1986 he has been Chaplain of Paray-le-Monial. In his paternal family line, there are a long list of rabbis. Now as a priest and a Jew, he feels that God has given him “a place in His Heart, in the heart of the Church but also in the heart of Israel.”

For more information about the Association of Hebrew Catholics, please visit their website. You can request a free copy of the their newsletter such as the one which describes Fr. Jean-Rodolphe’s conversion story (# 90).

Mystics of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

A review of the history and tradition of the Visitation Order shows that Jesus Christ chose them to be the sanctuary of His Sacred Heart. A new video released by them highlights six nuns who were holy recipients of His messages.

Of course, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque was the first privileged recipient of the revelation of the Sacred Heart of Jesus; a heart burning with love for all mankind whose hearts are often turned away from the Lord.

Venerable Sister Anne Madeleine Remuzat (b. 1696), of Marseilles, France, was instrumental in having the city of Marseilles consecrated to the  Sacred Heart, which saved the city from the bubonic plague.

Sister Marie of the Sacred Heart Bernaud was Foundress of the Guard of Honor of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The origin of the Guard of Honor may be traced back to the first watch on Calvary, when our Lady, St. John and St. Mary Magdalene offered to the pierced Heart of Jesus the first homage of glory, love and reparation. Members can still join today!

Venerable Mary Martha Chambon of the Visitation of Chambery (d. 1907), France was mystically commissioned by Jesus during her lifetime (1841-1907) to renew reverence to His Holy Wounds. St. Francis de Sales in a vision told her “God has chosen you to complete the devotion to the Sacred Heart.”

Venerable Louise Margaret Claret de la Touche was chosen by Our Lord to live her religious life for the clergy.

Sister Marie Teresa Desandais was a Visitation Nun known as the Apostle of Merciful Love and a contemporary of St. Faustina.

The Visitation Nuns hope that His Sacred Heart will profoundly touch yours too.

Prayers for Priests on the Feast of the Sacred Heart

The Congregation for Clergy has released this prayer in preparation for the World Day of Prayer for the Sanctification of the Clergy, held on the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (this year, June 15).


O my Jesus, I beg You on behalf of  the whole Church:

Grant it love and the light of Your Spirit,

and give power to the words of Priests

so that hardened hearts might be brought to repentance and return to You, O Lord.

Lord, give us holy Priests;

You yourself maintain them in holiness.

O Divine and Great High Priest,

may the power of Your mercy accompany them everywhere

and protect them from the devil’s traps and snares

which are continually being set for the soul of Priests.

May the power of Your mercy,

O Lord, shatter and bring to naught

all that might tarnish the sanctity of Priests,

for You can do all things.

My beloved Jesus,

I pray to you for the triumph of the Church,

that you may bless the Holy Father and all the clergy;

I beg you to grant the grace of conversion

to sinners whose hearts have been hardened by sin,

and a special blessing and light to priests,

to whom I shall confess for all of my life.

(Saint Faustina Kowalska)