A ‘First’ for the Poor Clare Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Arizona

On December 12, 2011, Sr. John-Mark Maria made her first profession of holy vows with the Poor Clare Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, in Tonopah, AZ. She is the first Poor Clare Sister of Perpetual Adoration in Arizona to advance this far in her discernment of religious life.

Sister’s joy on this day was evident, particularly when the “always smiling” Sr. John-Mark Maria received the Eucharist.

Prior to 2005, the Diocese of Phoenix had never had a Contemplative Order of Nuns.  Their Chapel was dedicated by Bishop Thomas Olmsted on May 7, 2011. They continue to raise funds for the construction of their actual cloistered monastery. Temporarily, they live in modular homes near the Chapel.

May the Sisters presence and prayers bless the people of the Diocese of Phoenix.



2 thoughts on “A ‘First’ for the Poor Clare Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in Arizona”

  1. Greetings Sisters. My wife and I have two young granddaughters ages 11 and 12 years. They have been raised in a home with much love and attention to things of the spiritual life. Along with their brother they are being homeschooled and are doing well in their education, with considerable emphasis on the study of their Catholic faith. My wife and I would like to bring them to Tonopah to visit you sometime so they might have an insight into what the cloistered life is like … what it means to be a professed religious. Do you offer anything like “a tour of the convent, chapel, etc.” … and/or a discussion about your particular charism of perpetual adoration that these two young ladies could listen to? Could we make an appointment to visit and maybe someone could meet with us to explain your life a bit?

    We thank you in advance for a response to this inquiry.

    God bless you and all the sisters,

    bill and beverly mikus

    1. Dear Bill and Beverly, sorry for the tardy reply! You have actually not contacted the sisters in Tonopah. You reached the Institute on Religious Life of which they are a member. Call or email the sisters directly to see if you can schedule a visit for your granddaughters!

      God bless you all this Holy Week! Anne

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