12 Reasons Why Christianity is Unique

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Peter Kreeft lists 12 reasons why Christianity is unique in an article on The Integrated Catholic Life website. Here is a quote that is absolutely true:

If you confess at a fashionable cocktail party that you are plotting to overthrow the government, or that you are a PLO terrorist or a KGB spy, or that you molest porcupines or bite bats’ heads off, you will soon attract a buzzing, fascinated, sympathetic circle of listeners. But if you confess that you believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God, you will find yourself suddenly alone, with a distinct chill in the air.

His #1 discussion point is: “All religions are the same, deep down.” And it goes from there. Very meaty, interesting discussion of the topic.

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  1. Comment by Rebecca:

    “you will soon attract a buzzing, fascinated, sympathetic circle of listeners”

    Really? Based on, what, his vast knowledge of fashionable cocktail parties? Has he actually tried this?

    This kind of set-up is unworthy of serious discussion.

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