The Word Can Become Flesh

We posted just last month about Mother Miriam of the Lamb of God, who was previously known in the world as Catholic Answers apologist Rosalind Moss. However, we just came across this recent article on her, which briskly summarizes her compelling conversion story. Here is a sampling:

Mother Miriam’s radical redirection to Christianity began when a fellow Jew spoke to her about the central belief of Christians–that God became man in the Person of Jesus, the Redeemer, who walked upon the earth. She was 32-years old and had never heard such a thing. It was “insane.”

“The reason is,” she explains, “we’d sit down to the Passover table every year, and we’d wait for Him. We knew when the Messiah came He would establish His kingdom, bring peace on Earth, bring the Jewish people back to Jerusalem, and all of life would make sense. How could you imagine believing He came? There’s no Kingdom, and there’s no peace, and we’re not in Jerusalem, and He left, and nobody [in her Jewish family] has a clue He was here. The whole thing made no sense whatsoever.”

But the notion percolated. A man cannot be God, but God, if He exists, can become Man. Other Jews she knew explained how Jesus was the Lamb of God who fulfilled the Old Testament sacrificial system and took away sin. Suddenly, it all made sense.

“It was as if someone pulled the curtain before me and exposed the truth; and I could see for the first time.”

She was an advertising executive in California at the time. She quit. She gave her life to Christ.

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